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For Performers

Fee: $195 includes:

- One hour session with up to 3 wardrobe changes

  1. -Photos viewed privately on line (usually same day)

  2. -Retouching: Included at no additional cost for first pose

    ($20 per additional pose). Name and border added to headshot.

Additional Cost: Choose Digital file or 8x10” Prints

Digital Files

  1. -$20 for Hi res digital file to make unlimited 8x10” prints.

  2. -No cost for Lo resolution digital file for electronic submissions

8”x10” Prints

$10 each

$60 for 20 prints ($3 ea)

$75 for 30 prints ($2.50 ea)

$100 for 50 prints ($2 ea)

(Please make check out to "Feeney Illustration and Design")

What to Wear: 

• A top that is a solid color, not wrinkled, looking brand new and fairly form-fitting. Choose colors that compliment your hair/eyes/complexion (bring several choices).

• Avoid wearing jewelry. You want people to say, "wow, look at that face/those eyes", etc. not , "what a cute top or cute earings".

No logos or patterns on clothing

  1. No black or white or turtlenecks for youths.

  2. You may wear jeans - they will not show in the photo. 

Hair and Makeup: 

• Bring Hair Brush and hairspray.

• Teens (girls) can wear lip gloss and a little blush and mascara.

• Children should look very natural (very little or no makeup).  

Optional Hair and makeup person available for $50

(Allow for an extra half hour of time).

Otherwise, please come with your hair and makeup already done before the session.

I look forward to working with you or your child!

For more information or to set up a session, email betsy at        betsfeeney@gmail.com.